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Friday, December 04, 2009

Family Ooh.. My Family

The days of my visit to my homeland is the valuable momentum in my life, where happiness, sadness and compassion are together present at the same time. but that is the only time where you find on how important is family then your oneness. Any where you step your feet and wherever you are, the homeland could never be unforgotten, it is the place where I was born to this world, and it is also the place where I can see the light of happiness from my parent and the people around my community.

I referred to one of Islamic scholar said "Make people around you cry when you passed a way, because they have been laughing on you when you were born". it means with your good conduct and your progressive in life and your contribution for your people, they can't forget your kindness but always and always remember you in their memory, thus how they cry on you.

My life is mostly spent out of my homeland, for studying and working. till, I have not even visit my parent for over six years, once I step toward outside of the airport I can smell the soil of land, the sounds of trees clapping and whispering saying the word "welcome and welcome O a son of Adam, here is your homeland", I take along breath and the breeze passing through my head very gently till then, I realize how beautiful is my country and how beautiful the place where I was born. Just can't imagine such a beauty gift from Allah to me, and those people in countrysides till they can live in prosper, with the nature as their friend.

In this photo I published my family picture when the family were meeting together at my parent house, from the front row is a mom and dad, and from the back row in the right side is my biggest brother, and me at the second row from the right, then my third youngest brother, and my my fourth youngest brother, and then the youngest sister, then in left side with the son is my biggest sister in law. I miss them all deeply to my soul and mind.

Family Ooh... My Family a gift and a prove of Allah is rahmah and raheem........

Romi Adetio S
Embassy Staff Political Section
Republic of Indonesia.
New Delhi - India.


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Featuring the Trees

Twitter and chirp of the birds please to awake me
Giving the mark of morning to flee
And the trees flatter the Sound of softy
Flirting human to work greedy

God graceful’s impress me
Such trees had giving a live to me
They impute the human inability
They be look out of what make dangerously
Flipping a wickedness into peacefully

Your beauty creates emotion apparently
Making the lovers excite the city
Mankind realize you become infinity
Giving the shadow and establish safety

By Romi Adetio. S

Diploma in Journalism A.M.U Aligarh.

Featuring the trees

The trees give the protection to the human life, its shadow makes the human can have a fresh puffy and enjoy the air. After the exhausting days and hit of sunray people usually try to have their rest under the shadow of trees, and take the nap. For a very long time trees had given multi-benefit to mankind, their leaves, branches, woods, and roots are very beneficial to the mankind’s life. With or without realize we all need the trees in order to survive in this world, and to the extent we have to take care the important of it in our circumstance.
Whole parts of the tree providing us the benefits; the leaves affording the protection from the sunray, which make it indirectly touch the earth and allow us to have a fresh breath down it, as it is providing the oxygen exhaling from it’s leaves, the leaves also filter the rainfall and as fortification to slow the rainfall thus it protects the earth from sliding away mostly in the mountain range areas. The branches of the tree make it more leafy and the more its leafy the more the tree will look beautiful and protect the sunray, the common people usually afford it’s branches to stall the fire for the cooking. People build a house and other building by the wood come from the tree, the wood also could be modified and carved as furniture. Finally the roots of the tree sniff the water around it mostly that come from rainfall and filtering it, with it the fresh water come out and give the benefit to human for the drinking purpose etc.

Why do the trees provide oxygen?

During the night time the trees do not provide an oxygen but sniffing the oxygen around and throw the nitrogen out of the tree, just like the human it’s also has a respiratory process. When the morning come, the tree will exhale the oxygen from their leaves, in order to build the oxygen the tree need the sunray to process it through it leaves, chlorophyll is the important part in the leaves in the processing.

Do we need the existing of trees for protecting our eco-system?

With the increase of the global warming resulting from the over using of gas from the industrialized countries, one of solution for protecting our eco-system is by crowding the trees and realization that the trees will filter the heat and sought it as an important part to the human survivals. Striving the growth of the trees and consider those who slash the trees and take the benefit for the personal purpose as a violence.

Thus, how important the trees to our life, the trees does not mean only to be growth at the jungle or park or the specific areas, it can be use as a decoration in the city and making the city beautified by the green decoration and the fragrance of flower. Presently, many heads of the cities realize the nature of trees. Thus it makes the city beautiful and creates the relaxation to the citizen whenever they saw the trees. The trees has a personality symbol of peaceful life, almost the people who had toil job feel peacefully when they saw the green of the trees. Naturally human need the relaxation after an exhausting days, part of way to find the relaxation is by visiting to the park and gazing at the trees and leafy-leaves.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Gold Medal in Convocation

It is truth that we could not see some one only from his character, and what we saw from our own eyes only, but we never know that every human having there own ability that we might not posses it. I remember to the story of Tiger and the mouse, once, the tiger is trapped by the trapping-net, suddenly the litle mouse come and saw the crown of the jungle was trapped inside the net, the tiger begging the litle mouse to release him so that he can set up free. The litle mouse with his sharp teeths eats the rops and finally the whole rops were realeased and the tiger able to set out freely, the tiger says to the litle rat "I have no idea before, how can such a small rat like u able to do what I am not able to do."
From the above parable we could understand the boasting, snooby and egoistic of thinking a person lower or poorer than him will never bring to the lucky for him. Every human has to see that he is too small in this planet even his height could not reach the mountain. So, there is no need of being considered highest than others.
On 10th of March 2007 was my convocation day, and very momentum to me, the honour is nothing to me, but there is a feeling in my self which make me wanna say that I am really happy, I earned the medal because of keen in learning and fight my self from the laziness. Three years I spent my time to study in B.A. (Hons) from Aligar Muslim University, Aligarh - India, and finally its ended with the winner.
the day in convocation doesn't give much pleasure to me, the convocation in my university seems unique, and different from what I found in my country before, here the agenda looks untidy, and the students did not take part full attention to the agenda, I can simply say the agenda is too simple, but to give the honour to the best students who had proven their performance in study is more than simple.
Thank you to A.M.U for honouring me and thank you to my friends for supporting me and encouraging me. Hopefully with what I have gotten from the medal I could give impressive contribution to the science and I would devote my self to the knowledge, and reward it to the others around me. I intent to provide the support to the knowledge with no boundaries, and encourage a people who attempt to enhanced and provide the benefit to it.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Change? No. I don't No

The credibility of human doesn't create any sense of change, the power of change will come out through his dream while the dream come from the inspiration, I was a bit dazzled to see the credibility of others people, and the inner of estetic of others. when I was wacthing the TV show, my self saying that how such a man lower age then I could do what I can't do? I also have heard a story of tiger and mouse when I was kid, the tiger was survive due to the help of mouse, once the tiger was trapped by the trapping net, soon after ward, the mouse comes and help that king of jungle, the tiger finally said "I can't imagine that the small animal like you can do what I can't". This litle story bring me to a contemplation of what the TV show was, and come to the conclusion that the credibility of human doesn't create any sense of change.

Any how, the person will change since he wanted to be changed, and the person will be get since he will try to get it.
Well...Brothers, be your self is the best way to proof your capability infont of the people, and take the lesson from every momentum that u faced, and come out with a solution when you face the problem, Once, my lovely teacher ever said to me that: "the life is not the problem to be solved but it is the reality to be enjoyed".

Friday, June 30, 2006

Darjeeling the City of Peace

Darjeeling the City of Peace
The third trip of my life in India is Darjeeling and Sikkim, the part of Northeast India near to the border of China, where I found a different variety of people, culture, custom and tradition.

In Darjeeling the city was nice and many beautiful place to visit, we went to the Tiger Hill to gaze at the sun rise in the morning, we gotta wake up earlier and go by Jip to the top of mountain, but, we weren't that lucky to see the beauty of sun rise, cuz the clouds were covering. However, it'z still fun, and we enjoy it, we together took a picture, while the cold weather and windy air give another new excitement.

Darjeeling also famous with the tea leaf, we went to the tea fabrication where the labors are all ladies, these ladies picking up the tea leafs from the garden and put them in the basket and brought it to the fabric. I really don't know that much how to produce the tea, any way, I am not interested too. However, I enjoy the green garden of the tea and took some snaps. Hehe..:J and I also bought one box of 100KG tea from there.

When I saw the poster in the city of New Jalpaiguri I remember the movie of Kal ho na ho, and Shahrukh Khan is the actor on that movie, the shooting was taking place in Darjeeling, ya…ya…ya…the bollywood in India mostly take the view from beautiful place. Mm…I'm gonna miss the pace. Alvida …Darjeeling, Alvida …, Alvida….

Thursday, June 29, 2006



Me and friends


Shimla manali foto


Me and My Friend Akbar


Cool looking pictures


My Journey in India

My journey in India.
To me India is unique, it has a various kind of things which I never found before, the situation where you can find some thing different then ever. the costum and tradition brought them to live like what ever they are, the system of caste some times bother them in the cost of living. while the modernize life doesn't much change them. other way, I did enjoy my trip in India along with my friends, it was very fantastic and I can't forget it through my life, where I found a beautiful scene and the nature of life. the intresting carpet, temple, the beauty of spot in the morning and the mystical places.
Exactly last time on May 26, 2006 I went for trip to Shimla and Manali, these two places known as the real place for tourism, it has a natural view and facilities for the tourism where they can put up after an exhaust journey. we arrive in on May 27 at Shimla it wasn't much lucky, cuz we have to walk up to the mountaint to our hotel, however it doesn't bother me at all, to me it'z gonna be my big experience.

Next morning I woke up earlier then I go out to take a fresh breath out of my hotel and feel the cool whether of Shimla, Wowow.....O God!! I said, I really miss this fresh air, the air of mountain where I ever feel it before at my home Bengkulu...Ooohh...Nostalgia....